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Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete plays on the advantage of concrete in many ways. Unlike pavers, brick, or the stone that it emulates, stamped concrete is a solid monolith that is resistant to settling and shifting. It is also easy to maintain with very few physical joints.

Almost 25 years ago we completed our first stamp job at my father's house. It looked horrible. We tried again some weeks later, better this time. We've been getting better ever since. You will be hard pressed to find a more experience crew when it comes to stamping concrete. Rather than sending a couple of guys to a weekend class on how to stamp concrete we have all been accruing experience on the job, in the real world for many years.

Since we have been stamping concrete for so many years we have a wide selection of patterns and finishes. If you don't already have something in mind, ask us and we can help you pick one that is perfect for the look and function you need.

Stephen Scibetta

Have you seen something on this website and thought: “Oh that is beautiful stone, brick, tile. But is that real? I can't tell. It's so consistent and flat and oh so nice.” The answer is no, it is not real stone, brick, tile. That is concrete! “Concrete?” Yes concrete! “Like the stuff that my ugly foundations are made with?” Yes that is concrete, stamped concrete, it can be made to look like any or most popular stone work. If you want to add that touch of architectural stone at a fraction of the cost, then stamped concrete is for you. “Can you do slate?” Yes. “Can you do cobble stone?” Yes! “But can you do ... ?” Yes we can stamp your kitchen floor if you want it! Stamped concrete, it's the future of concrete, it just looks established.

Joey Scibetta

Everyone loves comfort. Whether it’s a favorite food or item of clothing, maybe its your baby blanket that you keep hidden in a box, in the attic, so that your wife or friends won't find it and ridicule you and generally make your life miserable. The point is … we like comfort. Stamped concrete is comfort. Since the dawn of modern civilization man has used concrete and stone to pave and decorate their streets, driveways, sidewalks, patios, motor courts, etc … things are no different today. With stamped concrete you get the durability of concrete, but the classic look of stone at a fraction of the cost. Spanish cobble, fan cobble, slate, brick, flagstone, fieldstone, etc … is all available to you in a variety of colors, when you choose stamped concrete. It looks authentic, feels authentic, and more importantly, will make you feel comfortable with your decision, when you see how stamped concrete adds some class to your home.

Matt Scibetta