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Pervious Concrete

Pervious concrete is a design that sometimes allows for the use of concrete where it otherwise is not an option. Pervious concrete allows water to go right through it which drastically reduces puddling and run-off water.

Sometimes called green concrete, sometimes called porous concrete. Because of it's porosity, this concrete can be used in places that non-pervious concrete cannot. Many cities, districts, counties, and other places are demanding the use of pervious concrete due to it’s positive environmental impact. So consider pervious concrete as an alternate solution to your concrete needs. It's the holiest concrete around!

Aaron Scibetta

Do you want a unique look to your driveway or patio? Do you never want to see a puddle on your driveway again!? Maybe you want concrete that is kind to the environment. Pervious or porous concrete is an established method that most people think is new. Using a special mix we can effectively make the water pass through the concrete. Then we can grade the area to then make it shed to a desired area. This is a great way to avoid flooding and conserve your land’s water. If you're thinking about pervious then call the premiere pervious installers — Design Concrete. We give you a beautiful new driveway and the peace of mind that your driveway is earth friendly.

Jordan Scibetta