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Decorative Scoring

You know that person that gets along with everyone, seems comfortable in any situation, and is embraced as a generally great person by all? … Decorative scoring is that person. Except it’s concrete, not a person.

Decorative scoring looks good everywhere and anywhere. If you want concrete floors in your house, a patio in your back yard, a beautiful concrete courtyard, or an entrance at the front of your drive. Decorative scoring is perfect for any of these scenarios. Scoring can look modern, contemporary, classic, European, random, etc … bottom line is it works in any situation and looks good all the while. It stands the test of time not only in style but in durability, after all … it’s concrete (with personality plus).

Matt Scibetta

Concrete scoring is a fast and simple way to liven up an old, worn-out patio, courtyard, pool deck etc. or to enhance the character of new concrete. With a variety of shapes and patterns to chose from nearly anything is possible. Concrete scoring will transform your "plain" concrete into a focal point of the landscape.

Aaron Scibetta