Concrete Countertop

Concrete Countertops

The solid surface market for Kitchens and Bathrooms has become so saturated that materials like granite that used to be special are now ubiquitous. If you want something you're not going to see in everyone else's home concrete countertops may be for you. Just as at home inside or outside concrete will give you a truly unique look. Since your countertops will begin as flowable concrete you won't have the design restrictions associated with other materials.

Formica is NOT what you are looking for. Is anyone looking for formica??? All your friends and their parents have granite countertops, no thanks. You may ask, “But what other material is there that I could use for countertops?” Don’t say wood or plastic, lets get serious. Concrete countertops are what you are looking for. They’re what everyone is looking for but never had the creativity or imagination to find. Well here you are at the edge of coolness, boring and redundant are behind you! Concrete is durable, moldable, it is … create-able. Create-able? What does that mean? It means it can be just about anything you want it to be. Thickness — ½ inch up to whatever you want, Color — whatever color you can imagine. Make it multiple colors! Shape — any shape you want!

The point is … with concrete the possibilities are almost limitless. Be unique, be different. With concrete you are building with a view to cool. You are at the edge my friend, don’t look back, go forward and go forward with a product that you will be happy with and a product that will last — concrete countertops.

Matt Scibetta