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For Builders and Architects

You have been entrusted with the responsibility to produce a structure that is not only functional and pleasing to the eye, but you are also expected to make your project unique, uncommon, and durable. As you well know, nothing is built without the use of some concrete.

An understanding of the chemistry and the characteristics of concrete in it’s endless variety of mix designs is essential to adapt that product to new and different applications. The design of the mix is important not only to the strength of the finished product but it is also critically linked to the finished appearance. While concrete has been used for some 5000 years, the knowledge that we have acquired in only the past few decades has dramatically improved the adaptability of this material to new structural designs and exotic colors and finishes.

The personnel of Design Concrete have been in tune with modern applications of this ancient product. We have traveled the world in search of new designs and methods. We have had experience with every kind of admixture. We have applied countless finishes and colors. But most importantly we accept and research the challenge of your project and approach it with the philosophy “if you can imagine it, we can build it.”

For some, concrete work is a way to make a living. For us it is a life. Please allow us the opportunity to work with you on your new ideas.

Mike Scibetta